Privacy policy


§ 1 Introduction

This Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy” shall define the issues related to the processing of your personal data in relation to Shop by Anna Żuromska-Mihułka conducting businesss activity under the name ROYAL DUDS – Anna Żuromska-Mihułka, entered into CEIDG under the address: ul. Modrzewiowa 39, 05-807 Podkowa Leśna, tax ID: 526 222 36 43  ( hereinafter referred to as „PDA”). All capitalised expressions specified in the Policy shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Regulations, available under the following address


§ 2 Data administrator

  1. The administrator of your personal data shall be each PDA whose data have been specified in § 1 hereof.
  2. The PDA have not appointed any Information Security Administrator, and therefore he independently performs the obligations specified in the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August, 1997 (hereinafter referred to as “the PDPA”).


§ 3 Legal basis for processing Your data

1. The legal basis for processing Your data shall be the need to perform the agreements with the PDA, and also the initiation of activities before the conclusion of the aforementioned agreements:

a) upon your request (article 23 (1.3) of the PDPA),

b) upon the compliance with legally justified objectives to be attained by the PDA, or upon the request of data recipients (article 23 (1.5) of the PDPA, who in compliance with article 23.4 of the PDPA shall be especially direct marketing of own products and services of the PDA and redress under business activity conducted by the PDA.

2. Providing by you the data in order to conclude the Sales Agreement is a condition for its conclusion. Providing by you an e-mail address in order to receive a Newsletter is a condition for receiving it.


§ 4 Objective and scope of processing Your data

1. Personal data submitted by you shall be processed with the view to the objective and within the scope indispensable for the conclusion and performance of the Agreement.

2. The PDA shall process the e-mail address to sending you a Newsletter (commercial information) and for marketing purposes.

§ 5 Disclosure

1. Your personal data shall be disclosed to competent state administration bodies or third persons, if such obligation results from generally applicable legal provisions and also to Dotpay sp. z o.o. for making payments.

§ 6 Authorisations

1. You shall be authorised to access your personal data and correct them.

2. You shall have the right to obtain the following information from each PDA:

a) concerning the objective, the scope and the manner of your personal data processing under a given set,

b) since when have your data been processed under a given set,

c) concerning the source from which your personal data originate,

d) concerning the recipients or recipient categories to whom the data are disclosed.

3. Moreover, upon your request the PDA shall supplement, update or rectify your personal data and he shall also discontinue (temporarily or permanently) their processing, or he shall delete them, if your personal data appear to be incomplete, out of date or untrue, or if they have been collected while infringing upon the provisions of the Act, or if they are no longer needed for the realization of the goal for which they have been collected.

4. Moreover, in the case of processing of your personal data by the PDA with the view to direct marketing, in compliance with article 23 (1.5) of the PDPA you are authorised to:

a) submit a written justified request in which you demand the discontinuation of your personal data processing due to your special situation,

b) raise an objection.

5. In order to be able to use the rights specified herein it is necessary to submit an appropriate request to the Data administrator to the e-mail address [email protected]

§ 7 Cookies

1. The PDA represent that the website under the address uses cookies.

2. Cookies mean information that is sent via the server by the searched websites and which is stored on your hardware (e.g. on the hard disk of the computer or a phone). More information on cookies can be found at

3. The data obtained through cookies do not enable your identification, but they allow the PDA to define whether a given website was visited using a given computer (which is not equal to information on who visited this website) and which were the user preferences at that moment (what was most interesting for the user on the website).

4. The PDA uses external cookies for:

a) ensuring correct functioning of the website,

b) statistical purposes,

c) adapting the website to your preferences.

5. The PDA can place both permanent and temporary files on your hardware.

6. Temporary files are usually eliminated upon closing the browser; however, in the case of permanent files, closing the browser does not cause their elimination.

7. The website uses Google Analytics that uses cookies present on your hardware with the view to preparing statistics concerning the traffic size on the website and the manner of website use.

8. The PDA use Google Adwords that use cookies located on your hardware with the view to promotion of the website and the provided services.

9. You can remove the cookies left by the website from your hardware at any moment, in compliance with the instructions of the manufacturer of your browser.

10. There is also a possibility of disabling cookies from being stored on hardware by an appropriate configuration of your browser; however, in that case the website may not function correctly.

11. The PDA use the server that automatically records information concerning the hardware that you use when connecting to the website in server logs, i.e. the type of hardware and the browser that you use, your computer IP, the date and time of entry, the textual description of the event and event classification, with the view to analysing the operation of the IT system.

12. Only persons authorised to administer the IT system shall have access to files with the logs.

13. The files with the logs can be used for preparing statistics in the scope of evaluation of traffic on the website and the occurrence of errors which make it impossible to identify you.

§ 7 Amendments

1. ADO may change the Policy for important reasons such as the modification of law, its interpretation or the rules of conducting activity par ADO.

2. The Buyers who entered into a continuous agreement will be notified about the modification of the Policy via message sent to the e-mail address no later than on 14 Calendar Days before the date when the modified Policy will apply.

3. The Buyer accepts or refuses to accept the modified Policy. In the absence of acceptance, the Buyer terminates the continuous agreement with immediate effect.

4. The Policy was drawn up in two language versions: Polish and English. In case of doubt, the Polish version is of decisive importance.